Tylosin Tartrate 20% injectable solutiion

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[ Veterinary medicine name ]: Tylosin Tartrate 20% injectable solutiion

Contains per ml:
Tylosin tartrate……………200mg

Cattle, Sheep and goats: For the treatment of pneumonia , foot rot and metritis caused Streptococcus and Staphylococcus spp..Tylosin is also used for treatment of peracute and acute forms of contagious agalactia caused by Mycoplasma agalactiae and caprine pleuropeumonia caused by M.mycoides var. capri.
Chickens and Turkeys: For treatment of CRD in chickens and infectious sinusitis in turkeys.
 Dogs and Cats : Treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, cellulitis, otitis externa, metritis, leptospirosis and secondary bacterial infections associated with viral diseases.

 Cattle: 1 ml /20-40 Kg B.Wt ( 5-10 mg / Kg B.Wt. ), daily by intramuscular injection.
Sheep and Goats : 1 ml /20 Kg B.Wt( 10mg / Kg B.Wt ). daily by intramuscular injection.
Chickens: 1 ml / 10 Kg B.Wt. ( 20 mg / kg B.Wt. ), daily to be injected subcutaneously.
Turkeys: For treatment of infectious sinusitis in turkeys, Tylosin must be injected into sinuses at dose of 25-50 mg , depending on the severity of the condition.Sinuses may be re-treated in 10 days if swelling persists.
 Dogs and Cats : 1 ml/ 20-100 Kg B.Wt.( 2-10 mg/Kg B.Wt. ), daily by intramuscular injection.

Meat:14 days
Milk:4 days

Store in a dry and dark place below 30℃.